Expression vs. Office 2007

Why wouldn’t MS do an update to the Expression Beta before releasing Office 2007?

“EW uses components from Office 2007. As a result the Beta version of EW cannot be installed with the RTM version of Office 2007. It can be installed with Office 2007 Beta 1 TR “

That’s no answer. But hey, at least an MVP responded (Ron Symonds) – MS didn’t. Maybe they’ll fix it soon.

I have to say – I do like Expression Web Designer – although maybe it’s more because my FrontPage was bother me so I thought I would try something for a change.

But now it really bothers me because I want to use it but I also want to use Office 2007!

Argh! Why bother installing beta software?

Install of Expression Web Designer Beta 1 w/ Office 2007 F..