Even MSDN Library doesn’t know VFP isn’t in .Net!

Get a load of the picture here. It’s clearly VFP 9 help – there’s nothing that would say anything else except for that little blurb on the side:

This page is specific to
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/.NET Framework 2.0

Other versions are also available for the following:

# Microsoft Visual Studio Codename Orcas

The direct link is here. However, if you go down further on the page, you’ll see that Microsoft is trying to encourage community redesign of the MSDN library. You can add community content about any particular element of the VFP help file.

Definitely helpful – makes me wish that the Task Pane or VFP itself had an option to push developers directly to the MSDN online help, instead of the regular CHM file.

That did make my Friday though.

2 thoughts on “Even MSDN Library doesn’t know VFP isn’t in .Net!”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    MSDN Community Content is for sure a big deal… but unfortunately I haven’t seen things published there.

    As the GdiPlusX library is compatible with .NET “System.Drawing” namespace, I added some contents in some links. But nobody seems to care with them. I even blogged about it, but got ZERO feedback, so I’ve quit putting codes there.


    Here are the links with the VFP code that I posted:

  2. Just because we don’t comment doesn’t mean we don’t care! There are myriad reasons why we may not comment, but I for one really really appreciate it when someone takes the time to share good code samples, or blog about interesting things.

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