Even in today’s age, in times of sadness, Trekker info still rules

Today, I came across a story on MSNBC that Kellie Waymire had died recently. No idea who she was (based on the name) – so I did a search online. Even in today’s age when information access is everywhere, the BEST tributes to her were from Star Trek fans. (http://scifipulse.net/Trek%20Archive/November03/Waymire_Dead.html, http://www.trektoday.com/news/161103_04.shtml, http://www.greatlink.org/dcisV2.asp?url=http://www.greatlink.org/shownewsitem.asp?item=2802)
This is not to slight the main web site (http://www.kelliewaymire.com/) where obviously a statement was made but rather by how she was recognized.
She was a actress who starred on various Star Trek episodes, Friends and as well Six Feet Under. So no, by major “awareness” factors, she was not a major star. At the age of 36, her loss of life is a terrible thing and my thoughts go out for her family and friends.
However, what I find interesting (which is why I post it here as opposed to my musings page (http://www.meistermacneill.com/musings.htm) is that with all of the information available everywhere, the real humanity of people comes through, not in fan news from Six Feet Under, or others, but rather from Star Trek fans, those people who many traditionally regard as the ultimate nerds. Yet here, as someone who has died, Trekkers showed that it’s not just a show but rather that it was a connection that many people shared (and continue to share) and believe in. Anyone who was ever associated with the show is remembered for what they did. Despite being a show about sci-fi and new worlds (which is a show I love), it was always the humanity that the show(s) stood for. And how they will be remembered…