eero icons – What the heck?

How to change icons used by eero….

Formerly titled: Eero router – Nicknames and icons

UPDATE: Finally!!!! The most recent update to the eero now allows you to specify icons from their library. And it’s a GOOD library – thank you. Finally!

If you’ve extended your wireless network using eero, you have downloaded the app. I upgraded my network when I noticed a bunch of dead spots in what should have been a fairly reasonable coverage space (1700 sqft home). With two eero devices, our home is pretty well covered.

Click on Connected devices and every device connected to your network is displayed. The eero app identifies the manufacturer and, with some devices, even the name of a given device. The eero app may also show an icon that represents its use.

Some basic icons identified automatically by the eero app

Some of the more obvious icons are those for phones, laptops and TVs. Unfortunately, the majority of devices get a fairly generic “wifi” icon.

The eero generic wifi device icon

But you can change this. Give devices a nickname using certain key words and the icon will change.
(Note: once you give a device a nickname, I haven’t found a way of getting rid of it).

Unfortunately, the list is fairly limited. Other eero users want to know how to customize the icons or at least identify them better. While I can appreciate it’s difficult to appease everyone, it would be nice if some of the more common omissions were addressed. Most people using an eero likely have a thermostatsecurity cameras , door locks,  doorbells (maybe even blinds would be nice).

Eero hasn’t published (at least as far I know) the list of keywords that trigger the icon association so until there is one OR an app update lets us customize the icons, here are the icons I’ve noticed.

If you’ve noticed more, please tell me in the comment section.


eero phone icon


eero laptop icon
Keywords: Macbook, Surface

Desktop PC / Mac

Keywords: PC, Desktop, Mac (iMac)


Keywords: Server, Hub


eero tablet icon
Keywords: iPad, tablet, 


eero watch icon


eero printer icon
Keywords: Printer


eero speaker icon
Keywords: Speaker, Echo, Sonos, HomePod


eero tv icon
Keywords: Amazon Fire, Apple TV, TV, Roku

Light (or other home automation devices)

eero light switch icon
Keywords: Light
It would be nice if they also supported different icons for fans, plugs , dimmers, outside plugs, light switches (I have a variety of iDevices switches so using the standard Light icon doesn’t really help me out) – but unfortunately they don’t.


eero router icon
Keywords: Router

Gaming Devices

eero gaming icon
Keywords include: Wii, xBox, PS4, PS3,