Ed Bott to Microsoft: Loosen Up

I love this post of Ed Bott’s”
Scoble can talk about Office 12, but I can’t

As with all those great NDAs: “This information blackout applies to everyone except Microsoft employees, apparently.”

He forgot – and CNet employees too as it turns out. (granted Cnet is a news site – but since when is journalism and blogging not the same? – oh right, as of January of this year!)

I’m with Ed. From the VFP perspective, it’s nice that the Fox team has opened up a lot more. Some users in the “private” forums are wondering “where is everyone?” because they’re all out talking abou FoxPro and what they’re doing. That said, it would be nice if they joined Craig’s latest goal“: Today position 20, tomorrow the world!

Now Craig…about that SednaX discussion and the FoxShow interview….