DotNet vs. FoxPro for Features

One of my clients is in an interesting situation where they are looking to move their main development platform to DotNet but in doing so, they are having to look at the key feature set of their current FoxPro application. DotNet advocates are actually pushing back from doing the same kind of things in the new version that are currently in the FoxPro application (not many IT people like the idea of allowing users to write dynamic code that can be compiled on the fly).

I was hoping to find a place on the Wiki where it compared feature for feature between tools like Visual Studio and VFP.

Anyone know of one? Since they are both MS tools, it’s likely going to be hard to find one. The VFP Conversion site has a variety of resources but many of the valuable ones are links to Advisor articles. There should be some matrix somewhere.

The link I did find was this one comparing how much code it took to write a Wiki in C# and found Bob Archer’s comment to be all to true.

“Many times the FIRST question our sales people are asked is “What language is it written in?” like this is some indicator of quality”

As long as sales people ask this question, they are implying some measurement of quality which is funny because the last time I checked, most “product” sales people couldn’t tell you WHY a particular language was better or worse than another, except that it was marketed better.

I did find an interesting discussion on Disconnected Data Sets for VFP and DotNet but what I’m really looking for is something that compares one feature to another, kind of like this

This will be something I think I’ll bring up in the second part of the interview with Bill Sanders from the efGroup on the FoxShow which will be posted sometime this week.

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