Don’t Read into things that just aren’t there

I had an interesting email discussion today with someone who read (a little too much, I think) into my highlights of 2003 below so I thought I would clarify some points here:
1. I’m not referring to a single incident or discussion when discussing rants and raves in the Fox community. I read ProFox very lightly and only even heard about the Linux issues when discussing various topics with Ted Roche in late summer.
2. The person referred to in point #6 is a Jeff from a series of 1992 Compuserve threads when Microsoft first purchased Fox software. The discussions reached such a point that people were banned from threads and forums. I was not referring to anyone else. Any attempt to think otherwise is conspiracy theory. I think most people who were on CIS during 1992 will recall the threads I’m referring to.
3. Those of you who know me should know that I don’t take cheap shots at people, especially if I wouldn’t say it right to their face.
My highlights were precisely that, highlights – very few specifics – so jeez, don’t read into things that just aren’t there.