Developers, not programmers

At AKSEL, we value developers. If we wanted people to write code, we can outsource that. Our people wear multiple hats – when a customer hires an AKSEL consultant, you can be sure that they can step in wherever needed and do whatever it takes to ensure the project succeeds. To that end, our developers , be they on contract or full time, should be able to fully understand and assist with: 
* Spec documents 
* Configuration management 
* Code reviews 
* Testing 
* Automated tests 
* Documentation 
* Solving tough customer problems 

The developer has a much larger perspective and an ability to see the bigger picture. The programmer writes code, throws it over the wall to the testers and waits for them to log bugs. The developer knows it is better to find and fix bugs now, since he just might be the one talking to the customer about it later. 

But when push comes to shove, you can’t eliminate all the problems, 
but you can make the necessary trade-offs to get problems that you prefer over the ones you have now. 

That’s not necessarily the way to come up with the perfect solution immediately but it is the way to provide customers with the solution they need as quickly as they can get it. 

When looking for contractors, we look for developers. Sometimes we find them, sometimes we don’t. But if you want to work for AKSEL on a semi-regular process, realize that we’re not looking for the quick coded fix – we’re looking for a realization of what is being done, and the best way to do it. 

Reference: Eric Sink – 
Small ISVs:� You need Developers, not Programmers