David Stevenson: DEVCON keynote shows early Sedna ideas


Thanks for the post about the opening keynote.

I’m intrigued by what Calvin discusses here as well, I hope they make that available publicly and it will be interesting to see if the Sedna Blog keeps up or if it was primarily for devcon.

But I’m very happy to see that Richard is working with both the Avalon and Fox teams on the interoperability issues. XAML is just text so FoxPro’s native text processing functions are just a natural for doing quick updates on the Avalon work, as Ken discussed.

I do feel bad for Craig, though. After he thought he getting away from My, it seems like it’s coming back.

FYI – David, looks like you were the first with a good review of the keynote. Alex’s still isn’t up yet. Thanks – it’s greatly appreciated for all of those who are NOT attending this year.

David Stevenson’s Talking Fox: DEVCON keynote shows early Sedna ideas

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