Dave: Consider the way interviews are written

Dave Winer,

“But these lies have gone on and on, he just doesn’t stop. Permanent link to this item in the archive.”

To be fair, you never know what the original source for the interview was. I’ve seen numerous instances where someone says “we” and the writer changes it into “I”. The writer wants good copy – and it doesn’t sound good if you’re interviewing one person and they only refer to a group – it makes the writer feel like the story isn’t just there but everywhere.

In short, “better copy” may make terrible truths and distort facts – but sells more paper.

You’ve listened to Adam’s show so you know he doesn’t usually come off as “I’m the one who does everything” – he always talks about the group of people who helped create it and always tries to NAME names.

And not trying to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but it actually stands to benefit the MSM (mainstream media) to create a bunch of divisions in the Podcasting, etc world.

So many people hear about Podcasting and immediately say (like Carl Franklin did) – but we already do that on our Internet show – we’ll just rename it.

I suspect he’ll be “explaining” the interview – the way he’s done with the BBC and other interviews in the next daily source code.

Is he hijacking Podcasting? I don’t think so – but I think the MSM (mainstream media) want a “star” and thus, grab the first one they can find. (and Dawn and Drew are actually the biggest “stars” right now if you think in terms of US popularity)

I’m not making a point of being Adam’s defender but he IS one of Podcasting’s “faces” at this point in time. Despite his continued promotion of some shows that I absolutely can’t stand, his is typically a call for more content and yes, better quality and content and that is obviously something that I would hope everyone would shoot for. (it’s a call I constantly hear at TechPodcasts.com)

FYI – Loved the podcast re Pisa – that was great stuff.

Scripting News: 5/15/2005