Craig’s DevLink – I like it when you agree with me

Craig has some great reviews of the recent DevLinks days in his area but this post caught my eye:
DevBlog: DevLink Day 2

Why? Two reasons:
1) This comment:
“Concepts such as what kinds of comments and how many are important. It turns out that most comments in code aren’t needed. If you write self-documenting code, even fewer are needed.”

Those who attended my sessions at last year’s SWFox heard me state this numerous times in my session on Code Analyst – even to the point where it appeared I was suggesting getting rid of comments entirely.

In a recent project, though, it became even clearer – I only needed comments to bookmark where I may need to do future work.

Self-documenting code is essential to maintainable code – and while having methods like GetPubishingAcronymForABookTitle goes into overkill of how to name a method, naming your methods right is important regardless of the language.

On the other side of the coin, one of the tools used in a recent project was a .Net documentation tool (Document X) that puts the documentation right into the .Net code as comments. While certainly useful for making documentation part of the stored source, it cluttered function headers with lots of comments.

The second reason?

” In the car were Rod Paddock and John V. Peterson, who I have known for a very long time.”
I can only imagine…getting together with old friends is always fun…getting together with opinionated older friends is even better.