Craig Bailey: What coffee were you drinking?

A few of us were chatting around the coffee machine at work the other day discussing what would happen if Google bought Visual FoxPro from Microsoft.

Now that’s an interesting conversation…for one, GoogleBase would likely be super fast and incredibly cool.

Microsoft is on a “disruptive” streak these days – how could FoxPro be made more disruptive?

Well, Craig’s started that one off. I wonder what wwGoogle would look like?

I’m intrigued by what Rainer said on the FoxShow about what’s coming for the FoxExtend platform.

In fact, I even had a dream last night (bad sign when you’re dreaming about work!) where I was describing ways that FoxPro could really take advantage of the new RSS and SSE services. Unfortunately, the details were in the part I can’t recall.

Is it hard to make a product as old as FoxPro disruptive? I don’t think so – look at what Rick Strahl did with West-Wind. I remember back in 1994 seeing someone in Germany who had built a three dimension data viewer (a LIVE Pivot Table) in FoxPro 2.x.

And then after years of hearing about how every UI innovation has to come from ActiveX, Alex Grigorjev pulls out the CommandBars – more work needed but still just as disruptive.

And then you get Ed and Paul who are doing Dabo – Ed and/or Paul are going to do a FoxShow soon but first I want them to show me a la screencast.

Still the mind boggles at just what Craig and associates were really drinking at the “coffee” machine…