Conferences: DevTeach – no Fox Tracks

Just found out this morning that DevTeach won’t be offering a separate Fox track this year at all.

No – Jean-RenĂ© isn’t abandoning FoxPro but it’s simply the economics of it – I imagine that with the last conference, there were a lot more sponsors and such from the DotNet world than from VFP and as a result, there’s no loss there. The real factor is that not enough VFP developers were attending. I wasn’t at the last show but it would appear that the VFP developer showing was fairly low.

That’s really too bad for Fox developers as J-R puts on a great conference but not bad if you want to visit a great city and learn more about the internals of Visual Studio. I’m sure Markus and Kevin will do a great job of lining up great sessions.

So now you either consider Advisor DevCon, Southwest Fox or any of the amazing European and Australian conferences.

Hey Markus – how’s the VFP Road Show looking? Maybe that would be a good thing to wrap into a VFP CodeCamp.