Conference Interrupted

Last night was the opening “event” with the trade show in full swing. There have been no reports of “VFP vs. Access” fights yet. <g>
In fact, I had a great conversation with Greg, the former owner of Cornerstone Training who now runs up the Blast Thru Learning.
Seems the training market is soft for everyone compared to the 90’s.
I heard some complaints that the keynote went on too long – I didn’t find it too long but I did find it was similar to the DevDays type of sessions I used to do for MS in Ottawa. Everyone has some sessions to talk about and yet at the keynote, they show a lot of the demos that the other sessions will actually go through. It might be a good idea in the future to plan that out a bit better. Also, I think some of the attendees ( who had seen the demos before) were hoping for a little more enthusiasm (there’s weren’t as much oohs and ahhs as there has been in the past and it probably have been punched up a bit – but everyone’s a critic when you’re in the audience).
Of course, we are developers, not “Show producers” so all customization has to be done by us. (Ken even had to edit the Dr. Dave video himself – not a hard technical task but one that requires some good thought on the content. Ken – I hope you post the full interview on the web site)
FYI – If you haven’t tried the VFP 9.0 Beta, DOWNLOAD IT. It’s a great IDE enhancer and you can develop with it, and build your final apps in VFP 8 until it releases. Fox Definitely does Rock with this release !
If you have the chance, read Drew Speedie and/or Doug Hennigs articles in FoxPro Advisor and FoxTalk, respectively on the new MENUHIT and MENUCONTEXT intellisense enhancements. (Craig – here is where you can hook into the File New event!) Definitely a cool way to completely enhance the product!

At any rate, I had to leave the conference late last night due to a family emergency (currently enroute via Chicago) so hopefully someone else can pick up the blog. For those I saw, it was good to see you again and I will see you all online or via email in the future.