Conference Available in E-Book – what’s next?

As noted by Alex and Rick and Ted,
a VFP best Practices E-Book is available from Henztenwerke.

At $75, it’s not exactly inexpensive ($75) but the sheer amount of information (415 PDF pages of 14 sessions) certainly makes it worthwhile.

And I agree with Ted when he says “I Wish more conferences would offer their proceedings this way”. But I also hesitate in that I wish more speakers would also make their sessions available in video format (or podcast – my own self promotion) – as they started doing at

One of the common comments about the latest GreatLakes was that some of the real benefit was the way the sessions were a lot of give and take with the audience. As a result, white papers are useful but perhaps recording one of the sessions or at least transcribing it would be just as useful.

One thing to note: there are no sample chapters available yet for the book but the detailed table of contents (linked here) gives you a MUCH better idea as to the real value of this e-book.