Computerworld on FoxPro

I was going to note this earlier but the Computerworld site was down a huge amount (Java errors and everything) and so now I found that Craig posted about it:

DevBlog: ComputerWorld on Fox

I spoke with Eric Lai (the author) for a good hour about FoxPro and the like – nothing like watching an hour turn into 2 quotes and of course, they weren’t my favorite quotes either, either. C’est la vie!

The funniest part was when he was mentioning how his vision of FoxPro developers was of a bunch of 50 and 60 year-olds. Granted we may all have a few gray hairs, but if you looked at Alex’s photos from the MVP Summit and the Fox Gang, there’s a quite a few young’uns.

A good article definitely – although I don’t think you’ll ever see MS turn over the real source to OpenSource especially since Calvin confirmed there’s VFP Technology in SQL Server. ( I think it’s on page 2 of the article).

If you can get to the site, the direct link is here,

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