CodeKeep: Snippet Repository

Saw this on Scoble originally linked by James.

It’s funny – back 15 years ago, snippets were a term that was fairly unique to FoxPro (snippet editor was the one of the most commonly used terms in the 91 devcon). It’s not just the technology and experts that have made their way through Microsoft – it’s also the terms! (disclaimer: I’m sure snippets weren’t just for VFP but they seem to have really found their way into VS in a big way with 2005)

It even has FEEDS! – where’s the VFP feed? (I’ve asked for one – currently they don’t have one – for shame!!)

Now where can this go? Imagine having an Intellisense script that reads the feed and allows you access to Web-based snippets, even better than those found in Visual Studio 2005 (one of my favorite features) – oops – they already have an add-in architecture for Visual Studio!

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