CodeCast – Late Night Show for DotNet Developers

Congrats to Markus and Ken on starting CodeCast podcast. Not sure how well it’s going to be considered a “late night show” – I’ve only ever listened to it during the day but it is good to hear short tidbits from all. Ken spoke about CodeCast back at SWFox.

A treat from their Dec 10th episode – Pex – a tool to automatically create unit tests. From the MS research site: Pex (Program EXploration) is a white-box test generation tool. Given a hand-written parameterized unit test, Pex analyzes the code to determine relevant test inputs fully automatically. The result is a traditional unit test suite with high code coverage. In addition, Pex suggests to the programmer how to fix bugs.

Hmmm…this might be a useful VFPX project in conjunction with FoxUnit.

I especially love how they start and mix each episode with a little “I’m listening to CodeCast” – reminded me of the old FoxShow intros (before my HD died).