– When good software goes bad

Survey finds widespread dissatisfaction with tech support. I guess, no one likes being told that the coffee cup holder on their new computer is really a CD. – When good software goes bad – Aug. 8, 2003

Best TRUE story I’ve ever heard was from a local vendor- get this one.

Compaq iPaq – 1 only – H3650 model – a funny story: a customer bought it, took it home, and brought it back claiming it did not work. We gave him his money back, no problem. At our expense we sent the product back to HP and they called us laughing, saying that their diagnostic tool had discovered an amazing fact: that the ON button had not been pressed. So we have an opened but retail boxed iPaq here – it can be yours for just $299 (it’s $100 below our cost) – and like I said just one available