Claudio : What’s up with zero-based arrays?

Claudio – I always thought that it was because C programmers didn’t know how to count (or was it ActiveX developers?)

Maybe it was just the Microsoft ActiveX guys – because by the time they got to the Outlook object model, at least they remembered that 1=1.

It may just be a throwback to when people said “I’m going to punish the punchcard guy by shuffling his cards” or wouldn’t it be fun to do

#DEFINE True .F.

#DEFINE False .T.

right at the start of my code?

But your comment on “logic” reminded me: I took a philosophy class in university and after going through Plato, Aristotle and others, we came to logic. Do you know what the prof said? (this is why I hated that class)

“Don’t try to understand logic – Logic doesn’t make sense – just memorize it” – Philosophy professor , Trent University, Canada around 1989.

In fact, Logic (and Aristotle) were about the only things that made sense in that whole class.

(I think the prof must have become an ActiveX developer )

Claudio Lassala: What’s up with zero-based arrays?