Bit by a 7 year old Internet Explorer bug, er, feature

I arrived on the client’s floor and didn’t even have a chance to walk into the office.“Stop everything – we need to solve this problem” Sounds serious. After deploying an existing ASP.Net application to a new server, a basic run-through test is typically done, making sure that everything is working. This time, however, nothing would … Read more

Flock Wins

Flock Browser – Flock Wins Web Award at SXSW Conference | Flock I’m not sure how many people are aware of Flock but after using version 1.1 for the past few weeks, I’m hooked.  So Congrats on winning the web award at SXSW. Yes – Flock is simply Firefox with a bunch of extensions and … Read more

Browser Wars…revisited?

Remember the Browser wars? Jeez, back then, it really did seem like IE was the only tool that got new things done on it. (update: another interesting post back from 2003 on the whole item from Eric Sink( Nowadays, I’ve even foregone FireFox in favor of Flock When I see a site that only supports … Read more