VFPx Showcase: Control Renamer

When speaking about VFPx at last year’s Southwest Fox conference, it became evident that there aren’t a lot of avenues for finding out how to use various pieces of VFPx. So as part of the FoxShow, I’m creating videos designed to showcase VFPx components, starting with the Control Renamer. If you have ever wanted to … Read more

SW Fox: Why NOT Show your own apps?

One of the sessions that I didn’t get to attend last night was the “Show us your apps”. I think that session would have been really interesting. Many of the attendees I spoke to were fairly shy about their own FoxPro applications. They would talk about it (as it is their “baby” so to speak) … Read more

The FoxShow #58: the VFPX Meeting

At Southwest Fox last night , we had a VFPX Meeting (that was also screencast over uStream). The meeting went on for just under 2 hours but a lot of great ideas were thrown about, including ways for others to get involved, without having to code (something that many seemed to like). I recorded it … Read more

VFP Help Updated – Some problems found

Rick had posted two weeks ago about how some VFP updates were coming down the Microsoft pipe. They were released recently but unfortunately, have some glitches.Shedding Some Light – Comment I typically use the VFP online help or rely on other sources but it might be nice if the entire help file could be “codeplexed”. … Read more

Using My for Settings Management

Just about every FoxPro application has a need to store settings. Whether it be the startup folder or various application preferences, they have to be stored somewhere. Of course, that begs the question “where”? Back in the DOS days, many developers stored settings directly in a DBF table. This sometimes created a table with one … Read more

New updates coming down the pipe for VFP9

Rick writes about some of the news from the Microsoft MVP Summit – that there are updates coming down the pipe for VFP 9: one more cosmetic (in my mind – documentation updates) and one more important (a bug fix for a reporting error). Regardless of whether this addresses your favorite VFP 9 SP2 bug, … Read more

Pirillo – Don’t Let Software Die

Don’t Let Software Die ~ Chris Pirillo Interesting post regarding TuCow’s decision a while back to stop updating Blogware. It reminded me a little of VFP in that it’s a company that has decided to stop updating one of its software packages. Chris’ comments on the letter:>> What worries me most about building communities on … Read more