SwFox 2012 Ceil Silver Ambassador is Jun Tangunan!

Doug just noted that Jun Tangunan will be the 2012 Ceil Silver Ambassador for this year’s Southwest Fox conference. Jun blogs at sandstorm36.blogspot.ca and has some really cool ideas with his ssClasses for Visual FoxPro, some fun and some more product centred. Congrats Jun and hope to see you in October! FoxPro VFP

Southwest Fox 2011 Looking for Speakers

Doug Hennig: Southwest Fox 2011 Call For Speakers Southwest Fox is gearing up for the 2011 conference season by issuing an open call to speakers. Go to the Speakers page for details. As with last year, they are looking for a wide variety of topics from core VFP, extending VFP, new technologies and becoming better developers.  This year’s SW Fox is October 26-29, 2011 SanTan Elegante Conference & Reception Center/Legado HotelGilbert, AZ Session proposals are due by March 28.

FoxShow #59: Profiling and Refactoring

The latest episode of The FoxShow features one of my sessions from Southwest Fox 2008: Profiling and Refactoring, a discussion on how to refactor and how the VFPX Code Analyst can help. This session was given twice : this was the second time around. It was a good discussion including a back and forth on the benefit of comments. I, of course, took the controversial position that all comments should be banned from code except when they explain WHY something was done.

The Fox Index

Here’s a fun little piece from Southwest Fox 2008 where Ken Levy floats the idea of the Fox Index, a great use of those remaining copies of Visual FoxPro and then of course, Craig Boyd takes it one step further. FoxPro VFP

A Little Performance Art…

A little performance art piece from Southwest Fox…(if it says unavailable, it’s still being processed) FoxPro VFP

SWFox: Evil Mastermind Wins Again!

One of the great sponsor giveaways at Southwest Fox was a 5-user license of SourceGear’s Fortress. I’ve used Vault and Fortress but still stick with Source OffSite as our main development is handled through SourceSafe. Both work great with VFP. But the best part was in the conference bag: Evil Mastermind 2nd Exciting Issue! Best quotes:“You’re a sales guy…if anyone understands evil, it’s a sales guy” “I want…I want…I want….and I want 5000 t-shirts!” “We’ve got lots of masterminds using our products…I’m sure at least some of them are a little bit evil…I guess” Kudos to Eric and the SourceGear …


SW Fox: Why NOT Show your own apps?

One of the sessions that I didn’t get to attend last night was the “Show us your apps”. I think that session would have been really interesting. Many of the attendees I spoke to were fairly shy about their own FoxPro applications. They would talk about it (as it is their “baby” so to speak) but when asked about specific features that they should show, they seemed to shy away. That’s unfortunate – because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single FoxPro app (with the possible exception of some purely framework-based apps) that hasn’t included a unique feature or …


The FoxShow #58: the VFPX Meeting

At Southwest Fox last night , we had a VFPX Meeting (that was also screencast over uStream). The meeting went on for just under 2 hours but a lot of great ideas were thrown about, including ways for others to get involved, without having to code (something that many seemed to like). I recorded it all for the FoxShow and while the audio may be iffy at times, it’s a great listen! Enjoy! The FoxShow

Southwest Fox 2008 – Make Plans Now

So registration is now open for Southwest Fox 2008. I think it’s always hard for a conference web site to do it justice. You can show either pictures of the speakers , the facilities or the food – repeat the testimonials from previous years – but the question remains: How best to sell 3-4 days of intense FoxPro developer community interaction? For as much as I am a “let’s blog everything so it’s available everywhere” type of person, I definitely get the value of attending the conference – so I’m really happy that I’m able to be there this year …



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