Case Study: Using Agile

This post describes how we helped one of our clients move from a traditional waterfall development process to agile. Agile was first introduced  into the formal SDLC process in 2010. Starting with the use of Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server, TFS, all of the projects implemented used a hybrid model where the key concept of iterative development … Read more

Always Be Releasing

In reviewing older posts, I came across this little gem that hadn’t been posted but is particularly relevant to development today. It’s a short post but hits on a key point for developers and anyone involved in a project that seems to be going on and on: I burn out when I’m not releasing. One … Read more

The Other Shoe…

Ah the joy of watching an end user use your application. Glad to see MS still does it. It’s one of my favorite parts of building applications.   It isn’t just about knowledge transfer from the “guru” to the “learner” – it works the other way too. I got an idea for a new feature … Read more