FoxShow Extra: Morning discussion with Alan Stevens on Agility

One of the great things about Southwest Fox was the open discussions that were had almost every minute. Thankfully, some discussions and “discussers” let them be recorded. Here’s a discussion Alan Stevens and I had one morning about his sessions on Agility and Ignorance as well as XML handling – a little FoxShow extra. It’s short (about 16 minutes) but fun. Enjoy! FoxPro VFP

David Stevenson’s Talking Fox: Sedna and the Future of Visual FoxPro: Interview with Ken Levy and Alan Griver

David Stevenson has posted his entire interview with Ken and Yag on Sedna (no longer the tenth planet) and the future of Visual foxPro. Great stuff David. I find it interesting that Alan Griver is referring to the decision to support Vista with Sedna to be akin to shifting from DOS to Windows or from 16 to 32 bits. I hope that is to do with the XAML support that Ken showed in his Channel 9 video. My favorite part of the Interview: “People always talk about programming languages being written in themselves. The .NET framework was written in C# …



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