The End of the Web? Not Even Close.

Everyone’s got their tin-foil hat on today, it seems. Scoble posted this morning on twitter – That if Microsoft buys Facebook and Yahoo search – the end of the web is coming. There will be a lot shaking out from that but I wanted to reply specifically to this post on Herd Watching – … Read more

What companies plan their purchases strategically?

Craig Bailey posted this link on Twitter regarding Sun’s lacklustre performance last quarter – Jonathan Schwartz’s Blog: Our Q3 Choice quotes: “Why don’t you just stop giving your software away? Because we prioritize developer adoption. Let me give an example….the MySQL team had scored a design win – ahead of the proprietary competition. What should … Read more

April Fool’s and VFP

OK – I hope everyone had a blast yesterday with the various jokes that went around although I have to say I think Doug‘s hit a little too close to home.  Before I read his, I was even tempted to post one that said “Microsoft was giving up on Visual Basic and introducing a USE … Read more

Future of (your) Development Lies in You, Not Microsoft

By now, I hope most FoxPro developers (and others) have read the announcement and the various follow ups (and no this isn’t meant to be link bait but more of an exhaustive way of reading about it all) E-WeekMary JoCraig BerntsonYag’s Thoughts and CommentsAlex FeldsteinDoug HennigJohn KoziolRick SchummerDavid StevensonRandy JeanAndy KramekMike Feltman and I’m sure … Read more