Make 99% Invisible Visible

I mentioned 99% invisible on my last FoxShow – it’s a fascinating and amazing show, talking about design, typically in architecture. For those who build software, what IS interesting is how design impacts a variety of things. Subtle things, like how if you close your eyes, a lane change feels like a 90% degree turn or just a quick flick of the wrist. Or how four uber-creative guys decided to ensure certain words were ensconced in metal. Or even more fun, what really should happen when patent-violators go bad. However, more to the point, 99% Invisible is on KickStarter, a web …


New FoxShow: Jim Nelson Interview

In the latest episode of the FoxShow, we feature an interview with Jim Nelson, who is the main project lead on the PEM Editor project at VFPX, on his history with development and how he comes up with some of the ideas he’s been putting into PEM Editor. FoxPro VFP

The Fox Index

Here’s a fun little piece from Southwest Fox 2008 where Ken Levy floats the idea of the Fox Index, a great use of those remaining copies of Visual FoxPro and then of course, Craig Boyd takes it one step further. FoxPro VFP

FoxShow Extra: Morning discussion with Alan Stevens on Agility

One of the great things about Southwest Fox was the open discussions that were had almost every minute. Thankfully, some discussions and “discussers” let them be recorded. Here’s a discussion Alan Stevens and I had one morning about his sessions on Agility and Ignorance as well as XML handling – a little FoxShow extra. It’s short (about 16 minutes) but fun. Enjoy! FoxPro VFP

Turning 50

No….not me (yet!)…but the FoxShow just turned 50! After 49 not so regular episodes starting in March of 2005, we’ve hit 50 with hopefully the last of the rushed episodes (rootkit, rebuild, repeat as I mentioned earlier) but also with a great interview with Alan Stevens. (I had no idea he had worked with the JFAST project among others). We spoke about FoxPro, DotNet, VFPX, TDD among other things.  We had done the interview in the middle of February but because of the woes mentioned earlier, it was impossible to get a full episode out so now it’s there. Unfortunately, …


Screencast on Advantage Database Server

Over on Shedding Some Light, Rick Schummer notes that JD Mullin has a demo of how to get started with VFP and the Advantage Database server. I’m glad to see these types of demos get put up more and more by the people behind the scenes of a product instead of just the marketing types. I did a FoxShow interview with JD over at the start of the month and he really goes into details about what the ADS is and what it isn’t.  

FoxShow #47 Now Available

I just posted The FoxShow #47 that features a great interview with Tod McKenna on the rules of data normalization (the Forms of normalization) and how they apply (or don’t) to databases (SQL Server , FoxPro, etc) for general application use and then also for reporting. It comes in around 50 minutes – but I figure that makes up for the fact that I wasn’t able to get one out in the past few weeks. Enjoy! Blogged with Flock


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