Airtable – Last Modified Date/Time

I’ve spoken about Airtable before. A perfect replacement for tracking spreadsheets and smaller database solutions for businesses and individuals, Airtable fits into that niche market where smaller FoxPro and access-like applications have been used. It recently introduced a new field type that many have had to create themselves – Last Modified Time fields. Why is … Read more

Fieldbook: Spreadsheets on Overdrive

UPDATE: FieldBook is shutting down as of June 15th, 2018. Their co-founder, Jason Crawford, has written a great article on medium describing the reasons why.  It’s always tough when businesses shut down but it is valuable to learn why. It looks like finding and engaging resources is always a challenge. Business owners and workers all … Read more

For small DB applications, AirTable Rocks My World – it may rock yours as well!

Takeaway: Online databases are powerful and now a viable solution for any business. AirTable gives small businesses a friendly, extensible and all around powerful mobile database tool that can be used within minutes. Almost five years ago, I spoke to a group of developers and talked about different technologies and areas where database developers might … Read more

SQL: To Schema or not to schema?

To schema or not to schema – That is the question;Whether it is easier to find a table with a Schema.TableName ;Or to simply build one with a strong naming convention,and, by opposing schemas, force other developers to learn (and re-learn) No more, with schemas ; It’s an interesting dilemma – especially when designing a … Read more