Virtual FoxFest 2022 Coming up

In October 2022, Virtual FoxFest returns and if past events are any indication, there should be a lot of great sessions for FoxPro developers who want to ensure their skills are ready for what’s happening in the development world. From supporting legacy applications to moving existing applications into the web-based world, Tamar, Doug and Rick … Read more

Virtual FoxFest 2021

You can’t keep a good conference down. Virtual FoxFest is 1/3rd in, having started on October 14th. While you will be able to see some of the sessions online, there’s nothing quite like using the virtual session switcher available in The Hopin experience. It’s also staggered so you can choose which days you want to … Read more

Virtual FoxFest 2020

AKSEL presented a session on the VueJS framework known as Quasar and how Visual FoxPro developers can harness its power for building future applications. Watch it below: Sessions given at Virtual FoxFest included

Blogging Southwest Fox

Tod had asked and I’m sure there will be lots of blogging coming from Southwest Fox. Steve Bodnar has already started SOME of the blogging about going. Update: Steve continues his coverage with GREAT notes on each of the sessions.In addition, the FoxShow has some updates and the interview with Servoy. As well, while I … Read more

Past Conferences

Andrew MacNeill has spoken at a large number of conferences, starting in the early 1990s through to today. SWFox2008DevCon 14DevCon 12DevCon 11Dev Teach Fox TeachDevCon Germany

Spreading the Word…

While I’m likely not able to attend either of these conferences, they definitely are go-to conferences. Also coming up soon: Advisor’s Devcon. At least it feels like the conference season is being spread out a little more. Shedding Some Light: Southwest Fox – Help Spread the Word FoxForward 2007 Any one know if there will … Read more