Rerun: Concentric Hosting is Currently Down AGAIN – and up again!

Back in December, I found that my hosting partner, Concentric, was down : Andrew MacNeill – AKSEL Solutions: Concentric Hosting is Currently Down And now today, it decides to go down again. At that time, I wrote that it was only the SECOND time in 10 years I had lost service, but now this is three times and twice in the past 3 months. They came back on a few minutes ago (around 12:45 EST)Thankfully the outage was only an hour and a half. Strike 1 was in December…this was strike 2.

Concentric Hosting is Currently Down

I currently manage 4 sites that are hosted by Concentric – around 12 or possibly 11:30 EST, their servers shut down for unknown reasons, affecting http, email and other services. I saw that on twitter, other XO sites may have also been affected. I finally got through to Support after an hour. Of course, their support team don’t have much knowledge nor an ETA for the resolution. About an hour ago, all sites were erroring with Site Not Found errors – the site is now reporting a 500 Server Error – Could not connect to VFS server. So I …



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