Calvin Hsia’s WebLog : Foxpro Language into a table

Wow – never even saw this function until Calvin highlighted it here.

ALANGUAGE() returns an array containing the names of all valid Visual FoxPro commands, functions and base classes.

You can even pass it a second parameter to dictate what the array will contain:

1 – One dimensional array with the Command Name

2 – Contains functions with the second column showing the number of parameters

3 – Base Classes

4 – DBC Events

Very cool – almost saves the trouble of having to look into WIZARDSFDKEYWRD which contains operators as well.

Never looked into FDKEYWRD?


The Token field shows the actual word or operator (including #, !, .AND. etc)

The Code field identifies more of its purpose. P for Property, M for Method, C to identify that the term is more of a complementary keyword. Example: CURRENCY is marked for a CODE of “C”

That’s because there is no CURRENCY function – rather it’s simply


Very cool function!