Business Model Generator (BMG)

All your strapping entrepreneurs should check this out….(found it from

All from Carleton University’s School of Business…good for them.

It goes through and asks 5 sets of questions, all designed to help identify how long it will take your business to be productive and profitable. It takes about 20 minutes and does ask some useful questions. What’s great is that you can pause it and come back at any time and it gives you a graphical depiction of your business model. After each page, it also provides a summary of how you “scored” on that page.

It takes you through a number of steps including: testing your ECQ (Entrepreneurialist Culture Quotient) Score (are you ready to be an entrepreneur) – (this is kind of similar to Guy Kawasaki’s Entrepreneur test), helping you understand how you can use guerrilla marketing and bootstrap capital in designing your business model, learning and discovering what the ‘pixie dust’ is in your business model , generating a schematic diagram of your business model, scoring your business model and, finally, comparing your business model score with other enterprises. (a – you have to be ready to share your results to do this).

Speaking of Guy, I’m half way through his book, the Art of the Start – you know – just when you think someone can’t continue to talk about a similar area (evangelism) and say something new, Guy puts the concept of starting up a business into very effective and straight forward steps. I’ll be posting a little more later but the book goes through some great ideas for powerpointing your ideas (36 point font only), the real need (?) for business plans and how to approach new ideas from both someone who is starting a brand new company and someone who is in an existing company).

Business Model Generator (BMG)