Burned by a headline

I just received the May 2004 issue of FoxPro Advisor and have to say I was kind of surprised at the choice of headlines given to my review of TurboFox – “The Perfect Framework for Basic Visual FoxPro Development”
My original article’s title was “TurboFox: A promising start” and in the rush to get the article out, I concentrated on the body of the article and not the headline that was sent back to me for confirmation. Won’t make that mistake again…but it’s kind of embarasssing being one of the tech editors and having a headline like that go out with my name on it.
Since September, I’ve reviewed a lot of frameworks and they are very good frameworks : some are easier to learn than others and some provide much more flexibility than others. Turbo-Fox is a beginner’s framework and it shows great promise but in reading the headline, it says something that is certainly not intended.
I’m sure the other framework vendors will understand that and hopefully readers will read beyond the headline and into the body of the article.