Browser Wars…revisited?

Remember the Browser wars? Jeez, back then, it really did seem like IE was the only tool that got new things done on it. (update: another interesting post back from 2003 on the whole item from Eric Sink(

Nowadays, I’ve even foregone FireFox in favor of Flock

When I see a site that only supports IE, I don’t think of it as an advanced site but rather a site where the homework wasn’t done properly. I still have a few sites like that and I hate them.

But why Flock?
a) instant blogging
b) instant delicious
c) built in twitter/social networking
d) great way to ensure a site’s compatibility
e) email-link (with 1.1)
f) My World home page

I know it has RSS Feed support but I rely on Newsgator for that.

What’s really nice these days is that it isn’t a Browser war. IE still owns 60% (updated – thanks Sergey80%) of the Browser world but these days, it’s not about killing another browser, it’s simply about a better experience. I love the fact that I can boot with Ubuntu from CD and everything worked perfectly. Or I can run my browsers in a variety of environments and it all works seamlessly. I still use IE for a variety of things but it’s more to confirm compatibility. It isn’t such a bad (Net) world after all.

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