Brian Jones: Offering PDF for Free

Just my luck. I read up from Ted and post a bunch only to find out from Brian that they plan on offering it as a free-download.

Funny the way the world works these days. The big issue though is will IT departments really download it?

I agree with Brian. It sounds like the conspiracy theory may be off for a while – if this is Adobe’s mistake, they should really smarten up.

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2 thoughts on “Brian Jones: Offering PDF for Free”

  1. Sorry if you misinterpreted my post to say that Microsoft was not going to allow PDF output at all. They will have a free download available from their site (at least that’s the current story), but they are pulling it from their product. In my experience, that means that millions of users are not going to get it pre-installed, and many are unlikely to even know there are free extras (as there always have been) to download and install. A typical user’s experience is that downloads break things (also the experience of gun-shy IT departments), so it’s likely that many millions will lose out. So, pulling it from the shipping product is a big deal.

  2. No need to apologize – I think most people thought that it was a Microsoft problem, not an Adobe one.

    But I agree with you – IT departments are NOT going to go for this at all.

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