Boing Boing: How copyright is killing culture

Interesting post that shows copyright issues are starting to hurt education needs as well.

I think, for purely education reasons, things like this should be more a matter of courtesy after x number of years. (I don’t know what “x” should be but I think there is likely a useful number). Who owns the rights to the Zapruder JFK shot? If someone was doing an educational (i.e. no money being made for it – and YES that includes documentaries!) broadcast/video, then common sense should prevail, ensuring that valuable footage is never lost.

Boing Boing: How copyright is killing culture

2 thoughts on “Boing Boing: How copyright is killing culture”

  1. While this seems like a shame, the broader question is a tough one. There is a limit on copyright–what’s out of synch here is that the limit keeps getting extended. (Pretty much everytime Mickey Mouse is about to enter the public domain.)

    As someone who creates intellectual property (both software and writing) for a living, I view copyright as providing me with a way to protect my income. On the other hand, the things I create tend to have a fairly short shelf life–no one today has much interest in the articles I wrote about FoxPro 2.6 ten years ago.

    What we really need is a reasonable limit on copyright and it may turn out that the limit should vary with the form of the creation.

    Tamar E. Granor

  2. Agreed, Tamar.

    I, too, make my living on software and consulting and think there is DEFINITELY a reason for having those items protected but there needs to be a reasonable limit or the ability (and willingness) for an owner to say “after this period, this is now available for all.”

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