Blogging Southwest Fox

Tod had asked and I’m sure there will be lots of blogging coming from Southwest Fox.

Steve Bodnar has already started SOME of the blogging about going.
Update: Steve continues his coverage with GREAT notes on each of the sessions.
In addition, the FoxShow has some updates and the interview with Servoy.

As well, while I won’t be there (sigh), I am planning on having a few calls with Rick and some vendors who are attending while the conference is going on. Instead of waiting for a full show, I plan on posting the updates right away onto the FoxShow site. I definitely will be speaking with Servoy, the Java development platform who is attending the show, hoping to show Fox developers the “java” side of life.

I’ll keep this post updated with the other blogging that’s going on. If you’re on, why not tag it with swfox2007.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your efforts making “FoxShow”.
    I really like the way you do it.
    It was a great honor for me that you mentioned my blog in one of the last “Shows”



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