beyond bullets: Information Overload Makes You Dumb

beyond bullets: Information Overload Makes You Dumb

Cliff points to two studies showing how information overload is even worse than smoking marijuana for dropping IQ and sums it up with a quote from Tom Grimes : ” The human brain is today as it was in the 1880s, the 1580s and in the time of the Greeks and Romans…we are no better able to parallel process conflicting information than we were 300 years ago.” and a great tip:

“Tip: Simple is smart, overload is dumb.”

FYI – Cliff’s got a free webinar coming up on May 12 (sold out) but it’s now be added with additional room here

If you’ve simply enjoyed his great tips on making better power points, attend the seminar – his approach on storyboarding is certainly a lot fresher than the typical approach of building presentations.

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