Better Flight Tracking than the Airlines themselves

If you’ve ever wanted to track a plane, check out
I had to track a flight yesterday from Albany to Ottawa – Continental Flight 8812 was supposed to leave at 5:10 and arrive at 6:15. According to Continental’s web site, everything was on schedule for a take-off at 5:10 pm (this was at 5:39!)
At 5:45 they finally updated their system to say “ok – it’s taken off but it will still get into Ottawa at 6:15.” (ya, right!) That’s when I checked out FlightView.
This web site tracks the aircraft from the moment it lifts off the ground via GPS or Satellite. It can tell you how high the plane is, when it actually took off and it even shows you a picture of where the plane is (just like on International flights).
What’s best is it also tells you when IT independently estimates the flight will arrive – which is far more accurate than the airline themselves who base it on what they are told. For this flight, it originally said Arrival at 6:45 and then adjusted after calculating airspeed to 6:32.
And if you really want, you can buy a screen saver ($19.95) that will show you ALL aircraft activity in an area in real-time!
What a cool site!

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