Automating Builds in VFP

This is an older post but I was rereading it and realized I hadn’t talked about it yet.

While VFP developers wait for tools (such as Solution Explorer (update: removed link – domain expired) or the VFP/X Automated Build client) , this post shows how to do it using a tool that

a) doesn’t natively support FoxPro

b) integrates with the FoxPro environment using the VFP OLE Automation.

Yet another useful addendum to Tod’s initial post

Kok Kiet’s Blog : Experience in Automate VFP Project Build

3 thoughts on “Automating Builds in VFP”

  1. We have almost finished working on a VFP Code management system for use with our team. It essentially handles the source control issues that invariably come up when working on a single code base with a large team. The cool thing about this tool is that it also builds our EXE for us. At the back end it uses SOurce Safe to deal with version control but we hope to integrate this with ClearCase since that is our company’s preferred tool… it’s early days yet and I am sure that we still have a long way to go but once it’s done and we have used it for a while to iron out any kinks I thinkit could definitely be something we could share with the community.

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