The Critical Role of Knowledge Transfer

Sharing knowledge is paramount in the consulting world. Yet, there are instances when consultants either withhold information or mistakenly believe they know it all. This mindset can harm clients for various reasons: Decades ago, knowledge transfer leaned heavily on written documentation. While developer conferences showcased vibrant discussions, attendees often depended on printed materials for in-depth … Read more

Virtual FoxFest 2022 Coming up

In October 2022, Virtual FoxFest returns and if past events are any indication, there should be a lot of great sessions for FoxPro developers who want to ensure their skills are ready for what’s happening in the development world. From supporting legacy applications to moving existing applications into the web-based world, Tamar, Doug and Rick … Read more

Unpacking our design and development process.

Each stage of a project is dependent on the one prior. Mollis pretium lorem primis senectus habitasse lectus scelerisque donec, ultricies tortor suspendisse adipiscing fusce morbi volutpat pellentesque, consectetur mi risus molestie curae malesuada cum. Dignissim lacus convallis massa mauris enim ad mattis magnis senectus montes, mollis taciti phasellus accumsan bibendum semper blandit suspendisse faucibus … Read more