Argh! – MSN Toolbar Traps for Alt+M

In the latest of strange UI choices that truly infuriate me, the MSN IE Toolbar (yes, I know I can be using FireFox which I do but I use IE for my Webex sessions), hitting Alt+M puts you directly into the MSN search screen.
That’s not so bad – right? Well it is when you are remotely connecting to another system and want to use Alt+M to access a menu shortcut.
Webex has a great feature called Access Anywhere that lets you connect into other computers for support purposes. Just like PC Anywhere, etc.
I’ve kicked myself out of it about 5 times today alone simply because our application has a Modules menu and so I hit Alt+M and wham! Go to MSN Search which closes down my Access Anywhere.
To make it worse, I can’t even change it anywhere. Looks like this is one toolbar extension I will be removing. At least the Google toolbar works.