Aren’t colors fun?

David Fung remarks on colors that don’t work properly between different versions of Windows in Grid and XP Themes

It can get even worse. I created a new form and added a list box where the default SelectedItemBackColor was noted as RGB(10,36,106). Looked great on my LCD screen. I built my app and then ran the form on another machine that used a regular CRT monitor. The color appeared black.

Hmmm…must be resolution right? So we changed the resolution on both machines to match – STILL no luck. What was going on? I created the form to display the default color (using a MESSAGEBOX(THIS.SelectedItemBackColor)) on both environments. They returned different values. Why?

Blame it on Themes. Ya, it’s great when users can change the colors – not so great, when you want to build a consistent look in your application.