Apprentice Finale

I was hoping for Street Smarts – but honestly, neither of these two are capable of the job. (no link, no nothing!!!!)
I have to say – both teams were sh*t – and Kendra did the job required. Tana couldn’t do it – I actually thought she could.
ANd now watching the episode, OMIGOD!!!! Both of these two have no place in any organization (after watching them for the past 14 weeks) but Kendra definitely did win the job.
Good job.

3 thoughts on “Apprentice Finale”

  1. Kendra rode under the curtains as George stated, but she got exposed for what a little snotty nose snake in the grass she can really be. The car discription book would never had been exposed if not for Tara. The Little sweet Kendra is a pro at doing this, and she showed her colors. I was shocked that Trump dismissed this underhanded action..or maybe he is just too high on his own ego to realize that its a human error we all posess…about making remarks about goof offs. Wake Up Donald…Didn’t you have enough of that kind of under handed work with Katie Curic at your last wedding?

  2. Just goes to show you, Donald is all about education and not experience. To hire an undermining, snooty girl like Kendra…I hope it falls right back in his lap. I love the show, but you knew from day one that he was going to hire the one with the education. Did he just put the street mart people on there to make him look good…..what a joke…we all know what the real Trump is all about….education, education, education…. Tana had the business know how, the personality and the drive to do a good job….all 14 weeks she got along well with everyone, no arguments, no fights, unkike Kendra who made eniemies from day one…..wake up Donald….you hired a woman finally, but again…education is all your looking at….

  3. So Tana thought of the “circle.” Who did all the work while her teammates were sleeping? I don’t think Trump picked Kendra because of her education. Kendra was just plain better.

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