Andy Disses the latest ILL-Advised Move – updated

First thing I heard of this Andy – I’ve been down in the weeds of work for the past few days but it certainly doesn’t pass the smell test.

Hmmm…I’m an editor with FPA – wonder if they’ll tell me why did this.

Sounds like a surefire way of getting out of the FoxPro conference business.

I know sometimes they’ve come back and said they were asked to organize their shows around other schedules such as launch, etc – I certainly hope no one from the MS Data Team has anything to do with this.

Update: I have been told by Ken that in this case, the timing had nothing to do with the MS Data team. I’ll update more in a separate post.

FoxPro ILL-Advisor

2 thoughts on “Andy Disses the latest ILL-Advised Move – updated”

  1. Hi Andrew
    The thing is not simply that Advisor have scheduled their VFP Devcon against SW Fox. What they have done is to move VFP (and only VFP) out of the set of conferences scheduled for Las Vegas in April and into the set of conferences scheduled for Phoenix at the end of August. Why this move? Your guess is probably the same as mine!

  2. Not sure about the time frame but my guess about the location would be that there were enough complaints about the Vegas location that they felt the need to move.


    As has been the case in the past, they typically like to pick up and move to other hotels and areas on a regular basis.

    I think they’ve held it in Phoenix twice before (maybe only once) so it’s not unprecedented.

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