And Then There Are The Pickles…

A little bit of fall-out from eTecnologia’s apparent abandonment of the VFP.Net project.

VFPX could suffer from the same fate except that those involved are already supporting it as an open-source project.

There are lots of ways of working with VFP in .Net and in any language. I use VFP pretty much every day and it’s not part of the client’s arsenal – but it turns around the work I need done – be it prototypes, sample data input and more…it’s faster and better than the alternatives. But it is simply one tool in the toolbox – like the screwdriver that seems to fix almost every problem – there are always times to use others.

I’ll post a little more on my own experiences but Hank’s post here is very telling. We’ve heard about VFP Studio and also now about VFP.Net – in both of these cases, it might have been better to open source the two.

ProSysPlus Blog: And Then There Are The Pickles

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