Always Us vs. Them?

Robert treads into that dangerous water of talking about the competition…

He also talks about some feel MS is still running “roughshod

Although I believe that Scoble doesn’t need to get any more links, (he’s already achieved #1 status via Google), he lays out some valid discussion points here.

Ted got me for my “media promoting Firefox” post, forcing me to remake (or try and remake) my point (the issue isn’t about how great FireFox is but rather how the media discusses it. Case in point: EWeek Loves it – as do I. – I only use IE for sites that aren’t supported by Firefox, like Webex)

Between going back and forth between other blogs, you really can get the feeling of Us vs. them (teams of lawyers don’t really help that for MS’s case either).

There will always be those who want to portray things as “us vs. them” – but when I look at that, I always think of Ted’s “mission” on his blog: “Competition breeds Innovation. Monopolies breed stagnation. Working Well with Others is Good.”

Although a company may be judged by its lawyers, I still think there are plenty of good activities going on at MS and in other great tech companies around the world.

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