Alex – Winzip bought by VC Firm

Alex Feldstein notes that Winzip has been bought by the VC firm Vector Capital.

(FYI : WinZip compresses files using the same compression techniques as the old DOS program PKZIP. WinZip was so successful in saturating the market place, I don’t think many people even considered looking at PkZip/Windows when it came out. It integrates amazingly well with the Windows environment.)

While I tend to disagree that this new company (VC) has “turned around” Corel – I do hope that NicoMak makes some good $$ off of this.

And I agree that it would have been nice to see everyone respect the honor system for products like this- I just recently bought the Outlook Add-on because it has made sending emails with attachments so much easier.

I imagine VC will take it out of the shareware model – but who knows – it will be interesting to see what happens.

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