Alex – Where’s Clippy when you need him

As Rick Borup pointed out, it’s hard to keep up with every post so I typically shy away from posts like this but Alex’s

link to Coding Horror cracked me up.

What’s more though – if you read the real Legend of Stinky, you’ll find it even funnier (in spite or perhaps because of the bathroom humour)

One of my favorites:

“”Well, at the beginning we tried COM components, especially Patrik was agile about that, but we encountered many problems with that compatibility stuff, new version of the application didn’t work with old version of components or vice versa. So, to make things simpler, I just threw away all that component stuff and put everything into one exe file. Since then we haven’t got similar problems. Who needs COM anyway?”” – funny as it may seem, I actually had a similar discussion just recently.

I’ve got to read the rest of these stories – they are hilarious.