Airtable – Last Modified Date/Time

I’ve spoken about Airtable before. A perfect replacement for tracking spreadsheets and smaller database solutions for businesses and individuals, Airtable fits into that niche market where smaller FoxPro and access-like applications have been used.

It recently introduced a new field type that many have had to create themselves – Last Modified Time fields.

Why is this a big deal?

It shows that Airtable continues to evolve on an ongoing basis. No, it hasn’t provided the much requested off-line mode but the full set of features including third party integration and team features makes Airtable a great way for people looking for solutions in their offices.

Many of the key features end-clients and developers want are directly built into Airtable  – auditing, custom field types and more. It also gives IFTT and Zapier integration, allowing for automation in ways you may not think possible.

For developers, it provides amazing API features.Airtable’s self-documenting REST API should serve as a template for any company wanting to provide third-party or custom access to their solution.

(Note: this isn’t a paid link – I use Airtable for a variety of solutions including inventory management, and project tracking).